How would it feel to be energized & excited every morning...

& actually enjoy picking out your outfit for the day?

No more closet fights, rushed mornings, or feeling like you have nothing to wear...



7 Day Style Refresh:

How to Find Your Signature Style, Curate Your Dream Closet, Never Feel Like You Have “Nothing to Wear” Again!

A 7 day online style course teaching you my signature step-by-step process for refreshing your style in just one week! From overwhelmed and exhausted to feeling authentically confident & effortlessly chic, this program will transform your style and your life by teaching you how to create endless outfits that look just as good as they feel (without spending hours getting ready OR hundreds of dollars on new clothes every month!)

Take a Look at What's Inside The Program Below...



Why Style Matters... style is more than cute outfits or getting compliments, we'll get clear on why it really matters in this video!


Creating a [Style] Dream Board... learn how to finding your style inspiration & set the foundation for continually developing your personal style year after year in this video & downloadable Style Guide!


Curating Your Dream Closet... learn how to clean out your closet without the overwhelm & how to organize your closet for endless inspiration and easy mornings in this 2-part video training!


My 3 Part Signature Style Formula & How to Find Yours... learn how to create endless outfits that look just as good as they feel & never feel like you have "nothing to wear" ever again with this in-depth video training & downloadable Style Guide!


Elevating Your Outfit With Accessories... learn how to use my 3 step process for adding accessories that take any basic outfits from good to great & bring out your unique personality without weighing your outfit down in this video!


How to Roll, Tuck, & Cuff Your Clothes to Flatter Your Figure... In this video, I'll teach you 3 little-known stylist secrets that add dimension, create visual interest, and make your outfits pop in a really flattering way!


How to Shop For Your Signature Style & Make Trends Work For You... Learn how to get a closet full of clothes you love & actually want to wear (without spending hours shopping OR hundreds of dollars on new clothes every month!)

"If fashion isn't really your strength & you struggle putting together outfits OR if you're like me and spent years working in fashion & have just gotten lazy and in a style rut, THIS course is for you!"

- Kris Harris, 7 Day Style Refresh Student


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
How does almost instantly sound?! This is a self-paced course & you'll have access to every module & lesson as soon as you sign up! You can space it out day-by-day and complete the course in 7 days, or you can binge watch it all in one day! You'll have unlimited access, so you can go as fast or as slow as you want.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you'd like - across any and all devices you own. Just download the Teachable App & login to access all of your course materials on your mobile device or simply open up your browser to access it on a desktop, iPad, iPhone or virtually any other device with internet access.
How do I know if this course is right for me, my style isn't that bad?
If you wake up feeling energized and inspired & actually enjoy picking out your outfit for the day, then you’re right you probably don’t need this course. But if you’ve ever felt like you have “nothing to wear” and stood in front of your closet feeling irritated and frustrated (and then guilty you're even worrying about it!), then this course was made for YOU. I want you to feel so confident, kind, and beautiful in your style that it just becomes an effortless part of your day & you can spend less time figuring out what to wear & more time enjoying your day and spending time with those you love!
How much time do I need to complete the course?
All you need is just 15-20 minutes a day and you’ll be able to complete the course in just 7 days! But if you want to space it out further, you'll have unlimited access & you can always go at your own pace or come back and revisit a lesson later.
What is your refund policy?
I want you to feel completely confident in your investment, so I have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you dive into the course and you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll buy the course back from you. Simply email me within 14 days of your purchase with your concerns and completed coursework for a full refund. PS I'll probably ask you what you didn’t like, but that’s just so I can continually improve and make the course better & better for my future students.

This course is closed for enrollment.

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Adrianna Bohrer
Adrianna Bohrer

Hey, I'm Adrianna! I'm a wife, mama, & founder of, where I share weekly style tips, mom life favorites, and healthy living ideas. My mission is to help other women feel more authentically confident & effortlessly chic in their everyday style, so they can spend less time worrying about what to wear & more time enjoying life with their loved ones!